Photo laser engraving is essentially raster engraving but with a lot more detail.

The laser reads the tonal qualities of an image much like a printer. Black areas receive maximum laser power, white areas do not get engraved, the shades between the two get a varying amount of power. You can achieve some stunning results where we can engrave photographic quality up to 1200 DPI on many different materials.

Laser engraved photo

Your image is key!

You send us your image. Your choice of image here is key to the quality of the engraving result. You need to make sure it’s of a high resolution of at least 300 DPI for good engraving results.

Have a look at at out Photo engraving image guidelines»
We then work on your image to make sure the laser machines read it as best they can.

Photo laser engraving example

Photo Laser Engraving