An increasing element of our work is helping to develop Prototypes of product concepts. It is a great use for our combination of design and drawing skills, varied machines including hand tools and finishing and expert knowledge of materials.

Our typical prototyping services will include an in-depth discussion of requirements before development of a project brief which we set out in clear terms for agreement. We then show our commitment to the project by ‘bundling’ a package of reduced cost services finishing in a prototype product which can be further developed.

It is also our CutLaserCut mission to bring production back to the UK, one project at a time! For too long has the UK developed great ideas only to have them made overseas! Especially when UK design and production is combined with sustainable materials we can advise on, your UK produced product can be sold at a premium, with a lower carbon footprint than an overseas produced alternative.

CutLaserCut production works especially well for products that CutLaserCut has helped prototype, but if you have an established product, or one requiring development, we’d be delighted to discuss requirements and provide quotation.

We work to short leads times, hours and days not weeks and months. We can make changes quickly and be your flexible production partner, holding materials and for you as required. Perhaps you are disenchanted with delays and communications issues with overseas suppliers. Or increasing import duties and red tape. Now is the time to bring production back to the UK!

Got a project? Why not get a quote?

If you can, send through a file to or upload it on our Get a quote page or call us on 0203 490 9886