BB (II/II) Birch Plywood MR Glue

Our supply: Stock / special order material
Sheet sizes: 1500x1500mm, 1500×1200mm, 1200×710mm, 900×600mm, 600×600mm, 600×300mm
Your supply: You can also supply your own Birch Plywood at any sheet size up to 3000×1500mm

Material properties

A high strength laminated sheet material made from Birch timber. Both faces are grade BB which allows for patches and other minor knots / imperfections. Commonly used wood material for laser cutting and engraving. Bonded with MR glue line and known as laser plywood in the industry.

Typical applications

Art & sculpture, Jewellery, signage, model making, light construction work, furniture and cabinet making, retail display.

Appearance and grainline

As a natural material, please be aware the tone and grain line can vary from sheet to sheet. Thinner sheets can also be prone to warping. All sheets are CNC cut engraved with a horizontal grain line.

Wood knots

As a natural material, wood knots and other imperfections are occurrent within the plywood layers. They are slightly harder than the plywood layers which can have an effect on the clarity of CNC cutting.

Variation in finish

Please be aware that as a natural material, a slight variation in the tone of the finish can occur from sheet to sheet from the same settings.