Plain glass

Your supply for laser engraving only. We don’t hold stock of any glass material you will need to supply.

Thickness: Machine holds any thickness up to 330mm
Sheet sizes: Max engrave area is 1246×710mm. Larger sheets of glass can also be accommodated up to 2000×1246mm

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Material properties

Glass is an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material. Glasses are typically brittle and optically transparent.

Glass / crystal can’t be laser cut

It’s not possible to laser cut glass with Co2 laser machines. It is best to have it supplied to us pre-cut to size at a glaziers / glass cutters.

Raster & Vector engraving

The results that can be achieved when laser engraving glass differ depending on the type you supply. Usually the laser produces a beautiful frosted effect in contrast to the shiny glass surface. The intensity of the frosting depends on the glass properties. We will not know exactly how the laser reacts to your glass sample until we test it meaning, we can’t guarantee any specific outcome or result prior to testing. You will need to supply us with a portion of the material for us to prove the material settings prior to running a job. There is a charge for initial sampling. We sometimes use a liquid soap on the area of the glass that will be engraved. This is to prevent the glass from flaking under the heat of the laser and will need to cleaned away once you receive your job

Deeper engraving not possible

Because glass is such a hard material it isn’t possible to achieve any depths beyond a surface frosting.