The Beast, CNC Machine

CNC Machining

Our beastiest member of the CutLaserCut Fleet, an Industrial Biesse Rover J1530 CNC, working up to a 3000 × 1500 × 100mm bed.

This CNC machine is known to us as The Beast!

This fantastically versatile CNC machine allows us to cut vinyl, PVC, neoprene, thicker boards and much much more. Between the Biesse and our laser cutters, there isn’t much we can’t cut! Unlike the lasers, we prefer DXF files for the Beast…

Key benefits

  • Cutting thicker and larger materials, as well as previously banned materials like PVC.
  • We can now offer bevel edging and countersinking.
  • Different depth engravings.
  • Turnarounds to suit you, we adapt!

Got a project? Why not get a quote?

If you can, send through a DXF file to or upload it on our Get a quote page or call our experts on 0203 490 9886.