Hello, we’re Cut Laser Cut

Cut Laser Cut helps many different creative industries and individuals make a multitude of exciting things! We set up with the sole aim to provide a friendly and accessible service to make the laser cutting and engraving process as easy as possible! We’re still a young company, but we’re growing up fast!

Our values and how they benefit you

We’re not the first laser company and certainly won’t be the last, but while others have focused more on lowering costs with budget machinery, we set out to do a lot more! Not only do we strive to provide a cost effective service, but a tailored service to suit the needs of many creative disciplines.
We are driven by a key set of values that shapes the way we operate. Our values run deep, they are things established when we started up and define who we are, how we operate and how we make your work. Most importantly they govern how we provide that service.

We love design

We love good design, this seems obvious but we really do! It was the seed from which we grew. Cut Laser Cut was founded by a team of product designers. Good design runs through everything we do, our website, our studio, our business systems and our service to you.

We believe everything you produce should look and feel good. Being designers ourselves we understand specifically how the creative process can unfold. That’s why you’ll receive strong and honest advice on your project and a very quick job turnaround to suit!

New technologies

Laser technology is becoming more and more relevant within many creative sectors. We recognize that to make the best products, you need the best kit! That’s why we’re invested in industry leading technologies to make sure everything we produce is made to a high quality. What’s more, we’re always on the lookout for new innovations.

We also make an effort to communicate the whole laser process to you in relation to your project. It’s better knowing more about how things are made, right?

Design community

We’re not a corporate kind of company in any way! We like talking to you and aim to build continued relationships with all our clients. We’re eagerly involved in online and offline design discussions / events. Since we work with such a wide variety of creative industries we need to know what’s going on in a lot of design fields, so we know how to offer you a better service. We enjoy listening to your needs and we work hard towards strengthening our bonds!

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