Raster engraving

What is Raster Engraving?

Laser engraving or laser etching is a method of marking where the laser head engraves by moving from left to right slowly down the material.

It is also known as ‘raster engraving’. It is easiest to think of it like a printer where instead of printing, it is actually taking some of your material away to mark the surface. What an genius process!

The laser reacts to difficult classes of materials in different ways. You can achieve some badass results. All our machines are industry leaders!

Laser etching paper peter crnokrak cutlasercut

Getting together your artwork

You send us your file. Laser engraving involves using filled vector objects and strokes thicker than a hairline (0.01mm) or image files e.g Jpeg or Tiff.

(The Sample file has some areas that will also be cut as well as engraved, these are drawn in Red hairline strokes.)

Laser etching settings

We'll configure the laser etcher for your material

You can use laser engraving in combination with vector engraving and cutting. You just need to set up the file correctly. We will configure the machine to engrave your material at the depth you need using a specific power and speed. There are so many variations here it is mind-blowing and all materials react a bit differently.

You can engrave small intricate details or large surface areas at varying depths or just gently mark the surface.

laser cutting process

Off we go!

The laser will then do its thing and work its way down your material marking the object as it goes. It can be a fairly time consuming process when running large areas up to the maximum raster engraving area of 1246mm x 710mm.