Black Card – Solid Core Board

Our supply: Stock material
Thickness: Available in 1250 micron only
Sheet sizes: 841×594mm
Your supply: You can also supply your own card at any thickness and any sheet size up to our maximum bed size of 3000×2000mm.

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See more on laser engraving paper and card»

Material Properties

Black solid-fibreboard is a press-rolled board with two satin finished smooth surfaces and a solid black core. Since it is a 100% press formed material with no paper laminates on each side, it has a consistent density.

Typical applications

Art & sculpture, business cards, display and decorative, graphic design, invitations and cards, model making, product prototypes.

Laser cutting

Protective backing can’t be used as it rips the material surface. Because the material is dark in tone, surface marks will be minimal and in most cases unnoticeable.

Cut widths & Kerf

The average cutting kerf for Black core card is +/- 0.2mm (how much the laser takes away.)
As a benchmark, we recommend that minimum cut widths be no smaller than the corresponding thickness of the material and no thinner than 1mm. Any smaller will make your cut outs very fragile. See more on cut widths and Kerf (how much the laser takes away.)

Cut edge

Laser cut edge appears the same as the card surface remains black in tone.

Raster engraving

Our standard engraving setting is very shallow and more just a surface marking. Black card engraves with a pale white tone in contrast to the black card surface. Variation in tone can be affected by power distribution if you have lots of pieces of artwork to engrave that vary in size. This can make the engraved surface quite patchy if you have large surface areas to engrave.

Deeper engraving

Engraving deeper into the card surface is possible, but it can make the engraving quite patchy in appearance. For this reason we will always advise against it.

Vector engraving

Vector engraving on black core card is very subtle and different in appearance than raster engraving. The result is darker and only really visible when viewed in certain lights.