Bristol board bright white card

Our supply: Stock material
Thickness: Available 1250 micron only
Sheet sizes: 841×594mm only
Your supply: You can also supply your own card at any thickness and any sheet size up to our maximum bed size of 3000×1500mm.

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Material Properties

A white acid-free card core made from chlorine-free bleached pulp, with a glued smooth bright white surface on each side.

Typical applications

Art & sculpture, business cards, display and decorative, graphic design, invitations and cards, model making, product prototypes.

Laser cutting

Protective backing can’t be used on any mountboard material as it rips the surface when removed, meaning scorch marks will be visible on both surfaces.

Top surface

Slight yellow scorch marks will visible on the surface particularly surrounding the cut lines. If supplying your own, the colour of the top surface marks will differ depending on the dyes / chlorine within the board.

Bottom surface

Where possible, we try to float all mountboard materials on the lamella to keep contact with the laser bed to a minimum when cutting. If your artwork is particularly dense, we will need to use honeycomb which will results in reverse markings. Heat from the laser causes residues on the honeycomb to transfer back onto the material. We try to keep this to an absolute minimum using a low laser power but unfortunately it is unpreventable.

Cut widths & Kerf

The average cutting kerf for mountboard is +/- 0.1mm (how much the laser takes away)
As a benchmark, we recommend that minimum cut widths be no smaller than the corresponding thickness of the material and no thinner than 1mm. Any smaller will make your cut outs very fragile. See more on cut widths and Kerf (how much the laser takes away.)

Cut edge

Laser cuts with a singed yellow / brown edge. On darker toned mount boards, this will be less visible.

Raster & Vector engraving

Our standard engraving setting is quite shallow to keep heat build up and excessive marking on the top surface. Because mountboard can’t be masked with paper backing, very slight marks surrounding the engraved area are unpreventable.

On lighter toned mountboard the engraving is a light yellow tone. On darker tones, the engraver usually removes the top coloured layer to reveal the lighter pulp layer below which engraves with the same pale yellow / brown appearance.

Deeper engraving

We can engrave deeper than a surface marking if requested but this can cause more scorch marks around the surrounding engraved area which are irreversible.