CutLaserCut loves laser cut awards and medals!

Let us help you create bespoke laser cut awards and medals for your event, however big or small. If you have design ideas, or even artwork already, this is great! But if you don’t, our talented design team can design something special just for your event.

Creating something unique that will be made locally in the UK is by far the more responsible and ethical choice for your awards and medals. You may not be aware that many mass produced medals are made in China, we think UK produced medals and awards are best for UK events!

CutLaserCut also aims to produce awards and medals from the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Which is why many of the awards and medals we have made to date have been in birch plywood. A most environmentally sustainable material that is actually capturing carbon!

We laser cut extensively in PMMA acrylic, which is easily recycled. Increasingly we specify acrylic made from recycled acrylic stock to further reduce its environmental impact. Ask us about this if environmentally conscious awards and medals are as important to you as they are to us!

Because CutLaserCut works on large and small projects, and always aims to recycle and where possible reuse our offcuts. We may well find that awards, and particularly medals, can be made from offcuts of larger projects, further reducing their environmental impact, and often costs too!

Sometimes just one material won’t give the impact you want, or the awards and medals will benefit from further finishing. We’ve had great results combining birch plywood awards with acrylic or engraving laminates. Or by sanding and staining / lacquering the birch awards, all services CutLaserCut can offer inhouse. CutLaserCut are also specialists in high end materials such as Corian for awards. We can arrange Corian fabrication and undertake all engraving and finishing works, including names for individual awards winners and whatever else you might need!