Custom laser engraving on a brown box, lid part off the base

Custom laser engraving can be used on almost anything!

Since laser engraving is essentially a very controlled method of burning,  it’s possible to mark a vast number of objects.

This process is perfect for branding special gifts or for identification purposes on various products

Custom laser engraving – examples:

Ipad engraving, other devices, coat hangers, cork bottle tops, wallets, suede jewellery poaches, wine boxes, card presentation boxes.

See laser cutting & engraving materials gallery to understand how the laser reacts to different classes of materials

Please ask if we can engrave your item, as we can engrave many materials and metal mark into some metals as well

Things you need to find out

  • As much as possible, the more info the better!
  • Try to find out what it’s made of.
  • Approximate dimensions.
  • Machine fits objects up to (L)1246mm x (w)710mm x (d)330mm