Laser cut foam inserts

Laser cut foam, custom made inserts

Whether you need to keep something packaged and protected or you need to display a product beautifully, you can draft artwork to make laser cut foam inserts at any size of shape. Not all types can be laser cut. If you want to supply your own it’s best to get in touch first to find out if it can be used.

Don’t forget we can also laser cut foam for other purposes, one of our client uses foam for padding cycling equipment.


How it works

  • Simply draw the outline of your objects to scale.
  • Cut up to 25mm in one piece or use layers for larger thicknesses.
  • Special order polyethylene Zotefoams.

You can also engrave foam!

Logos, messages or other snippets of text can also be laser engraved onto the surface with exceptional clarity. Perfect for branding cases or labelling components!

Prepare drawings for laser cutting foam»