Hannah Sabapathy furniture product

Laser cut furniture and product prototyping and production

Test a design, make changes and adapt.

Be as experimental as you need.

We know a thing or two about material properties, processes and applications so you can be sure to receive top notch advice on the best ways to develop a product or furniture design further. All you have to do is ask!

We aren’t just set up to prototype. You can produce as many quantities as you need at cost effective prices. Quality isn’t sacrificed when moving a design into production. Everything is done in-house.

Key benefits: laser cutting furniture and products

  • Test and sample designs – no minimum orders.
  • Comprehensive stock of cheaper materials for basic prototyping or testing a design.
  • Stock of appearance materials including veneered MDF.
  • 3000mm x 2000mm laser bed for large scale furniture and installation display.

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