Laser engraved acrylics for Nokia

Perspex® acrylic the laser cutters bread & butter.

Acrylic is probably the most widely used materials within the laser cutting and engraving world! It is also known as Perspex which is one of the most respected acrylic manufacturers. For this reason, we only stock Perspex® because it’s made to a very high quality. You can do so much with acrylic, it’s mind blowing!

There are so many new colours and glitters available, if we don’t have one you like on our website get in touch and we will be able to order it in for you!

Have a good browse through the showcases to get the general idea of what can be made from Acrylic

The majority of acrylic is food safe, so great for cake toppers or coffee stencils- Please ask us for more info.

Acrylic is made in two different ways, cast and extruded. Read more about the advantages of each.

Laser cutting and engraving Perspex acrylic benefits

  • Large stock available.
  • Or special order in any of the Perspex® range.
  • Huge cutting bed 3000mm x 2000mm.
  • Cut up to 20mm in thickness!
  • Quality Raster engraving / etching 1246mm x 710mm.
  • Diamond polishing / Flame polishing also available.

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