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Prop Making :Set designs brought to life

We make sets designs, props and other interesting large scale display pieces for Independent theatre companies, television and film prop makers and animators. From large structural components to smaller detailed props, you can make a lot more than you can imagine:

  • Theatre Sets, Stage sets, Film sets
  • Stop frame animation components
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Product display
  • Museum props and displays
  • And more…

Key benefits for prop makers, set designers

  • Send us your set designs and we’ll translate them into cut drawings ready for the laser.
  • Huge machine bed fits standard 8ft x 4ft wood sheets – Largest in London.
  • Cut up to 20mm thickness acrylic and 15mm MDF
  • Use own supply material or take advantage of our comprehensive material range.

Prepare drawings for laser cutting and engraving»