laser engraving wood

Pandoras box – Custom laser engraving

Barnbrook made this limited edition product for CASE study, a fundraising event held at The Conran Shop, Marunouchi. CASE study invited designers such as Ron Arad, Ronan Erwan Bouroullec and House Industries to contribute a unique object to be sold, with the proceeds going to the Japanese earthquake relief fund.

The piece is based on the famous Greek myth of Pandora’s box – when all of the ills of the world were released by Pandora – the first woman on earth – from a box given to her by Zeus.

Laser engraved wood, foam inserts, all made with the laser!
Bespoke artwork was custom laser engraved onto pre-fabricated boxes. Laser cut foam was used to display the interior components also made from cut and engraved MDF and acrylic. This beautiful project is a comprehensive showcase of the laser process and its applications.