Laser cutting leather dress eddie gav cut laser cut fashion

The Ecstasy Collection

Fashion & textile designer, Eddie Gavriilidis’s beautiful work in leather. The Ecstasy collection references religion and the human soul. It is inspired by the famous Bernini sculpture ‘Ectasy of Maria Teresa’.

From concept to reality – Laser cutting leather

Concept aside, the garments consist of beautifully rich layers of laser cut gold leather pieces. Protective backing was used on the leather prior to cutting to prevent any markings on the surface. Once all pieces were cut, Eddie put his mastery to work!

Leather laser cuts and engraves fantastically well. As it is a natural material, we put a lot of effort into adjusting the laser machine settings to achieve the best results. Eddie started by producing one dress. Once he understood more about the material it was easy for him to cut multiply components as and when needed. Four garments were made in total. See more on laser cutting fabrics»

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