Laser cutting card

Laser Cutting Card

Jenny is a professional traditional hand embroiderer, trained originally on the famed Apprenticeship at the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court.

I have now been earning my living using this age old craft for over 20 years. My work is about 50% teaching and 50% working to commission and designing my own pieces. I have developed a style of working which is thoroughly inspired by historical embroidery and its fascinating techniques, particularly that of the 17th century and Elizabethan periods, but always adding a fresh new slant on these traditions and making them my own. Combining age old skills, threads and stitches with the fabulous modern techniques now available to us.
I create many of my unique designs as embroidery kits as a way of allowing people around the world to have access to the ideas. I employ laser cutting in many projects to provide swift, supremely accurate and cost effective small run repeats of kit components, which are so essential to the success of these projects. For example, my kit which recreates a 10cm high miniature harp needlecase formed from embroidered fabric over card forms, based on that in the Wordsworth collection at Dove Cottage, and uses 7 laser cut tiny components on 3 types of museum grade board.

CutLaserCut are fabulous to work with in providing a superbly efficient service with a personal touch and interest in my endeavours.

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