Laser cut birch plywood puppet

Jimmy Grimes - Puppet Director

Jimmy Grimes is a Puppet Director and Designer, and has worked on projects ranging from the west end production of ‘War Horse’, Tv commercials and most recently the music video for Coldplay’s ‘Daddy’. He also creates his own projects and productions through his collaborations as half of Brunskill & Grimes. In recent years Jimmy has been working harder to provide opportunities for beginners and less formally trained creatives to learn more about designing and making puppets. He has been developing a series of laser cut plywood ‘Build-a-Puppet’ kits for makers to construct by themselves and learn techniques used to create complex and subtle movements.

Instagram: jimmy_grimes_puppetry / brunskillandgrimes

Jimmy Grimes mob: 07412 538723


Twitter: @Jimmy_Grimes