Just Sky 3 colour drop acrylic earrings

Just Sky is a creator of laser-cut, mixed media costume jewellery.

At the core of everything Just Sky is a love for all things Art Deco. The co-owner and lead designer Asha Singh, is fascinated by the timeless nature of geometric jewellery designs, and the beauty of intertwining simple shapes. The creative aim of Just Sky is to produce affordable yet glamorous and fun pieces that are wearable every day, as well as for special occasions.

Asha describes herself as an ‘old school’ artist in many ways. All pieces are designed by hand, on pencil and paper, and card cut-out prototypes, before being transferred to digital for the laser cutting process. All pieces are then assembled with great care and attention to detail for the flawless finish the products are becoming known for.
A number of years of prototyping, gathering materials and practicing techniques of assembling, cutting and gluing went into development of Just Sky products, before the company was officially formed in 2018.
Just Sky’s creations have been described as ‘elegant and beautiful, but still bright and fun’ which is a lovely compliment, and expresses our philosophy perfectly.

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