Kitty Joseph- Laser Cut Fashion

Kitty Joseph is a modern print and colour-focused clothing label, determined to change the ‘standard fashion model. Putting ethics equally in line with aesthetics, the brand’s aim is to sustainably produce premium quality, intelligent, inclusive, joy-giving clothes for the differing dynamics of our daily lives.
‘Being a print and colour focused brand we approached Cut Laser Cut to develop laser finishes that complemented the sharp lines and geometry of our designs.
Our garments are created with large geometric volumes of fabric that are often pleated and draped. The garment shapes are pure canvases for the prints, meanwhile the lasercut edges create a precise frame for the prints.  Working with large format laser cutting, we can also be efficient with our layplans and formulate ways to avoid fabric wastage. Kitty Joseph designs developed in this way include our bestselling Chroma Skirt, Mineral Skirt, Quad Dress and Newton Top.’
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