HaloDissected 02

Nathan Adams – Threadsafe collective

“I graduated in 2023 from Goldsmiths, University of London with an MFA in Computational Arts, as part of this study I had access to an a laser cutter, which allowed me to develop a practice based on laser cutting sculptures. Specifically for my final project in 2023, I developed the Halo as part of the piece “Sum of our Parts”, and this piece continues to be developed – for the current _threadsafe show Dissection, I created two new pieces, one of which shows the internal LED Array structure – which provides 15 LED Cell lights in a 15 degree arc as an exploded model laid out flat, to help understand it’s makeup. This shows the eventual process of six design iterations, where I was able to explore different features, and more practical aspects such as ease of assembly.”

You can currently see Nathans Work at Dissection:

Dissection collects bodies for examination, investigates their schisms, makes divisions of its own, and opens biographies for analysis.

A group exhibition, Dissection presents eight works that probe fissures in personal, political, or mechanical relationships, or cut into and expose the flesh and behaviours of objects and creatures both digital and corporal. A multimedia body itself, sculptures, prints, installations, film, and performances offer glimpses of human experience on both sides of the scalpel’s edge. Dissection is analysis of and by division, and we seek in turn to render ourselves from our digital doppelgangers, from challenging the certainty of our skin, to viewing life in the interstice of a refugee.

_threadsafe is a multicultural collective of computational artists formed whilst studying at Goldsmiths, who continue to be based in London. By using technology within a traditional art context we explore different modes of interaction – we are able to communicate ideas whilst inviting the audience to become a participant in the work.
Private View: Thursday 18th January 6-9PM
Open: – Thurs-Sun 12-6pm until 19th February
Address: 50 Celebration Avenue London E20 1DW