Qasimi Homme – Seizure collection laser cut fabric

Qasimi Homme – Seizure collection

Influenced by the political uproar in North African countries, Qasimi Homme brought baroque style, anti-establishment revolution, and Arabic touches to the table in his collection entitled “Seizure.”

Laser cut fabric and leather garments

There were many stand out pieces from the collection. Qasimi’s laser cut fabric jacket (pictured) proved to be something of a press killer! The minutely detailed camouflaged pattern took quite a while to cut but all the designers at Qasimi agreed that the result was beautiful. Other pieces in the collection were more subtle where laser cutting was used to add the same pattern detail to shirt and T-shirt designs.

Laser cutting is versatile in this way. The same artwork can be cut across a range of fabric materials we just adjust the laser settings to suit. Great for adding depth to your collection whilst still maintaining consistency. More on laser cutting fabrics.


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