Laser engraving wooden art piece by Simon Elvins

Simon Elvins – Laser Engraving Wood

Simon Elvins is a graphic designer based in London. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, he has won the Creative Review’s Creative Futures award.

For a recent exhibition involving 10 design studios from London and 10 from Berlin, Simon conceived a design involving laser engraving wood. An extremely detailed raster engraving of a city plan was etched onto 3mm birch plywood.


A series of tests revealed the possibilities

Testing was key to the final outcome in order to determine the appropriate settings in relation to his minuscule details in the artwork. A medium engrave setting with a hint of 3D was used for the final piece. It looked amazing!

The laser was used delicately to subtly expose the natural grain of the wood, resulting in something that looked more hand carved than machine made.

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