Gingerbread City

The final house, on display at The V&A’s Gingerbread city in 2018

And we love working with Urban Mesh!

Some very kind words…

We love working with Cut Laser Cut. Their enthusiasm on all projects is infectious and their depth of knowledge and personal service is second to none.

For our 2018 & 2019 submission for the Museum of Architecture V&A we worked closely with CLC including initial material testing and even some competitive Gingerbread Baking at their Production Studio. We wouldn’t expect your average laser cutting company to embrace so wholeheartedly new or unusual or unpredictable projects.

The end result of working with Cut Laser Cut was a terrace of 3 houses built in three very different ways, all enabled by the many possibilities of laser cutting and engraving.

At Urbanmesh we love to innovate in architecture. Successful and accurate modelling is a key tool in being able to do this and Cut Laser Cut are always our first port of call!