What is 3D laser engraving?

3D Laser engraving is a fantastic process that really pushes the boundaries of laser technology.

It works in the same way as laser engraving, but when using the 3D setting, the laser will also adjust the power it applies to the material based on the tonal quality of the drawing (lights and darks).  The black areas receive maximum power while the white areas do not get engraved. All of the shades in-between get a varying amount of power giving it a true 3D appearance. The laser then adds sloped edges to the engraving at varying depths. It’s a stunning process.

Getting together artwork for 3D engraving

You send us your artwork. As with laser engraving 3D engraving involves using filled vector objects, or image files in a greyscale.

3D Laser Engraving HDR Toning

Your laser artwork is key!

Drafting artwork for this process takes a little more time to set up to engrave effectively. Get in touch for advice on the best way to produce your artwork. Typically you need to have many different gradients of black / grey within your drawing.

3D engraving doesn’t work on all materials, combustible materials like woods usually engrave well with this process

3D laser engraving laser

Running your job

The laser works it’s way down the image revealing a subtle 3D effect. We usually run 2 passes (running the job twice) to increase the 3D quality.

The surface might need a bit of cleaning afterwards to remove debris. This is especially the case with wood as oil residues are released from the intense heat exposed.