Laser cutting products wooden lightbulb shaped lamp shade

Barend Massow – multi disciplined designer - Laser cutting products

Barend Massow makes interesting laser cut lighting pieces inspired by traditional lighting forms. These fabulous pieces were cut from plywood and acrylic.

Drawings developed from Sketchup

Barend came to us with his lighting designs modelled up in SketchUp. We helped to develop a set of designs that were fit for the laser which allowed each component to slot together and hold its form. This technique involved some serious attention to detail in calculating how much of the material the laser would burn away (known as tolerance.) The drawings had to be precisely dimensioned to accommodate this. If slightly out, Barend’s lights would most probably fall to pieces!

Make your own slot together products

You can make some fantastic 3D pieces using this technique. We can draft your drawings or advise on how you can draft your own.

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