Melvin Galapon laser cut art

His name is Melvin…

Melvin Galapon (My name is melvin) is a talented young designer who creates illustrations and other graphic design related projects. His CV boasts a impressive array of big name clients.

Laser cut art made from acrylic and light

Melvin is regular client of ours. For a recent piece for Wired US magazine, he composed a three dimensional sculpture that reacted to different light conditions. Holes were laser cut into a perspex sheet in which acrylic rods were inserted to form 3D sculptural numbers.

The holes were cut at just the right tolerance (cut width) to allow for the rods to pressure fit within the sheet meaning no glue was needed. We advised Melvin on how to draft his drawings correctly for this purpose. You can do the same! We know a thing or two about the best ways to set up a drawing depending on your application. All you have to do is ask!

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