Laser engraving jewellery – Corian circles

Award winning jewellery designer

Sophie Thomas is a graduate from Central St Martins. Her work is influenced by metaphorical explorations. For a recent collection, Sophie referenced the idea that the moon is a constant entity wherever you are in the world.

Laser engraving jewellery – moon like textures

Sophie exploration developed through documenting patterns that happen when heat was applied to silver, brass and Corian. Controlled burning of the brass and reticulation of the silver created varying textures which were photographed and digitalised. These textures were made by 3D engraving into the Corian.

Hand drawings or photographs are easily engraved onto many materials. Textures are engraved at varying depths where the laser will read the tonal quality of a drawing.

The end result always looks more akin to hand craft than machine made. Get in touch to find out how to explore this method further.