Model laser cutting

Use Laser cutting for Model Making

Even with 3d rendering becoming more commonplace within the architecture industry, model making is still a favoured choice for some clients, and we are very experienced at working with numerous architects to make the perfect model.

You can trust us to produce high quality model components for all your model making needs, as did Serie Architects. We reproduced the photo of this fantastic architectural model shown with their kind permission.

We care about your project nearly as much as you! and we have worked with enough architects to know how the building design process can unfold. We’re sensitive to the fact that time is usually a big issue for you and your job will be fast tracked through as a result!


 Laser cut Models and engraving key benefits

  • Huge stock of model making materials: Grey board, Card, Plywood, MDF, Foam and more.
  • You can also use your own supply material if preferred.
  • Amazingly intricately detailed components.
  • Add beautiful laser engraving details.
  • Industry leading machines produce better components than most.
  • Parts taped up in sheet for ease of assembling.


You can also share a Dropbox folder with us if you need to amend your files regularly.

Prepare drawings for laser cutting models
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